How to Plan a Fun Team Building Event

After hosting events of all kinds for a dozen years, we know a thing or two about making sure your team has a fun experience. Because that’s what you want, right? FUN! 

Your employees deserve to have a great time together outside of work. Maybe it has been a stellar quarter and you want to celebrate. Or maybe it’s just time to get out of the office to make some memories. Either way, it’s got to be fun. 

Here are 5 steps to make sure your team building event is a ton of fun—and why Ultrazone Laser Tag is an awesome choice. (No, we’re not biased at all!)

1. Pick a venue that encourages the most interaction 

Traditional venues like bowling alleys, golf courses or arcades don’t let all your employees interact together. People are stuck in small teams, watching one person do-the-thing. Plus, who hasn’t already “been there, done that?” Yawn. 

The Ultrazone Arena can fit up to 50 people at a time. We’ll divide your group into a few teams, making sure Debbie in Accounting and Kevin in Marketing get outside their usual departments. Teams can even strategize together if they want to collaborate and overthrow whoever is on the leaderboard. Everyone gets the chance to interact at once. It’s perfectly organized, fun chaos!

In laser tag, everyone gets to play, all the time. Even people with limited mobility can get involved. Maybe Kevin isn’t up for running up and down the ramp, but he can hide behind a wall and lay down some cover fire for his team. 

2.  Choose a fun activity

Let’s face it, most team building activities just aren’t fun. They require too much skill and coordination. Or they put individuals in an uncomfortable spotlight. Or they are just plain cheesy. No one wants that. 

What’s great about laser tag is that anyone can play—whether they’ve played laser tag before or not. Our expert facilitators clearly explain the game to make sure everyone understands the objectives and is comfortable using the equipment before setting everyone loose in the Arena. 

Laser tag is definitely a cardio event, but each person can decide how active they want to be during the game. We make sure that no one is bored, confused, or left out. We divide the teams as evenly as possible, and we give plenty of mingling/snacking/drinking time in between games. 

The only things cheesy about Ultrazone Laser Tag are the nachos and cheese platters you can bring in! (And also this joke.)

3. Get employees fired up

To make the most out of the laser tag team building experience, you’ve got to prep your group and get them excited! We’ve got plenty of resources to help you show how much fun it is to play laser tag, and how much it has changed over the years. 

  • Show off pictures of past events taken by our pro photographers. 
  • Share our professional video recaps. 
  • Talk up the amazing food AND drinks you’ll bring in for your event. (Just think — this could be a fun way to add a new twist to the chili cook-off or holiday cookie exchange.) 
  • Encourage a casual day (no heels!) so no one feels the need to change after work. 

Make sure to convey that laser tag is not intimidating. Anyone can play and have fun, regardless of skill level. We often have 4- and 5-year-olds running around, laughing, and blasting their laser guns at any and everything. And their grandparents get in on the fun, too. Players can be as competitive as they want to be–or ignore their score completely. 

Don’t worry if you’ve got skeptics. Laser tag has changed a lot since the 90s. It’s not a smelly room full of nerdy or creepy gamers who eliminate everyone. The Ultrazone Arena is clean and upbeat. Our timed games make sure everyone gets to play. Plus, the course changes every year and game objectives change daily. Even the grumpiest skeptics end up smiling and having fun by the end! 

4. Let people know what to expect

A laser tag team building event includes three timed games:

  1. The first game will get your employees used to how the game works. 
  2. The second game gives everyone a chance to strategize and communicate as a team to meet certain objectives. 
  3. And the final championship game is the longest, with a different strategy and objective. At the end, one team is crowned champion and given gold medals. 

In between the games, your group can eat and drink whatever you want to bring in. You can BYOB, choose a caterer, or potluck it. We’ll help you set out your food spread and make it look awesome. 

This mingling time also gives your employees a chance to strategize for the next game. They can create alliances, shift strategies, or use their time to find the best laser memes. 

5. Keep the fun alive

We believe all things in life should end in medals or trophies—but only for the winners!  Our champions are awarded first place gold medals they get to display and brag about for the rest of their lives! 

A day or two after your event, we’ll send you a ton of awesome photos. Share the pictures on your social media. If you upgraded to the video recap, share that too! Congratulate and tag the winners. 

Let us know on Facebook where the winning team is displaying their gold medals! 

There’s no better team building activity in Madison than laser tag.  

Ultrazone team building events are a huge ass game of tag with an objective, strategy, execution, and communication all wrapped up into every game played. Add scoring, laughs, drinks, social moments and gold medals and you can see why companies come back to Ultrazone again and again. 

If your office hasn’t booked one of these events yet ask your colleagues why!

We can bring the lasers to you!

We’ve got portable laser tag and can’t wait to see the creative ways we can get your employees running around and engaging in friendly laser tag combat with each other. 

Give us a call and we’ll help you imagine the possibilities.

By: Monika Allen

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