Kids Birthday Party Venue Ideas!

  • At Home Party

Sometimes parents opt for an at home birthday party for their kiddo to save money, but we all know this isn’t always the most cost efficient and definitely not the most time efficient! From having to plan all the food and decor to having to deal with set up and clean up… it just tends to be too much unnecessary work! Hosting at a venue can relieve some of that stress.  

  • Bowling Alley

Bowling alley’s can be fun, fast and easy for a boys or girls birthday party. But keep in mind usually a lane only allows for up to six bowlers, so If you have more people than that the group will be split up. That being said, bowling alleys are probably a better option for smaller parties. 

  • Mini Golf Course

Mini golf is a classic, fun activity for a kids birthday. It can be inexpensive as well. But, just like with bowling, you might have to split up into smaller groups. It can also be hard for younger kids with shorter attention spans to get through a game.  

  • Trampoline Park

With a trampoline park party comes a ton of fun… but also comes the inevitable injuries! Trampoline parks can be a great way to get exercise at a party (just make sure all the guests have the athletic  ability to jump on trampolines for a long period of time), but make sure you have enough supervision to keep an eye on all the kids.  

  • Family Entertainment Center

Family entertainment centers are great because they offer lots of options for kids birthday parties. They are like a dog park for kids, so if that’s the experience you’re looking for an FEC might be your best bet! If you’re looking for something a tad more structured FECs are probably not your best option. 

  • Laser Tag Facility

We may be biased, but a laser tag facility (specifically Ultrazone) makes for a fun, unique, customizable experience for a kids birthday party! Don’t worry about the stress of hosting… we take care of everything! Our arena accommodates up to 50 players, so everyone can play together… no one is left out! There is very little risk of injury and kids of any athletic ability can participate. We can do custom theme parties, too! Give us a call today at 608-833-8880 for any questions regarding hosting your child’s birthday party!

By: Brianna Webster

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