Most Popular Kids Party Themes for 2020!

Thinking about throwing a birthday party for your kiddo, but can’t decide on a theme? Keep reading to get inspired by the 5 most popular kids party themes for 2020! With everything from superheroes to unicorns you are sure to find a good fit for your child!


1. Fortnite

By now, most of us know flossing isn’t just something we do to our teeth… it’s an epic dance move we’ve all either mastered or have tried to learn! That being said, one of the most popular kids party themes is a Fortnite themed party! If you don’t know, Fortnite is a very popular online video game. So get out your llama pinatas and prepare for some flossing if you go with this theme! 

2. Unicorn

Rainbows and sparkles and glitter… oh my! A unicorn birthday party is every little girl’s dream! This theme has been popular and will remain popular in 2020!

3. Minecraft

Minecraft is another super popular theme based on a game. Bring the Minecraft world to life with grass table runners and green creeper juice!


4. Color Scheme

This one may seem obvious, but the possibilities are endless when you do a themed birthday party based on a color scheme! Is it your child’s golden birthday? Why not do an all out golden party! This one is timeless, and you can get really creative!

5. Superhero

With all the new Marvel movies that have been coming out, superhero will continue to be a very popular theme in 2020! You can go generic superhero, or if your kiddo has a favorite, you can theme it around a specific superhero. Either way, get your capes ready!

If you have too much on your plate this year, let us take care of your child’s special day! We can make their birthday party EXTRA special with one of these custom themes! The best place in Madison, Wisconsin for birthday parties for kids, teens and adults! Give us a call at (608)-833-8880 to learn more!

By: Brianna Webster


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