The most memorable places we’ve set up portable laser tag

Oh the places we’ve laser tagged! 

Company picnics and offices, school functions, post proms, corn mazes, festivals, expos, camps, even your backyard!  We can set up anytime, anywhere. 


We can bring ALL our portable, inflatable obstacles, or we can get creative with the space and equipment you already have and just show up with a bunch of packs. 


YOU will be the hero because laser tag makes it easy to have fun and get your friends, coworkers, students, neighbors — anyone! — moving around and laughing together. 


Here are a few of our recent faves for portable laser tag. Could yours make the list?

Laser Tag at Libraries

After being told to be quiet in libraries all our lives, it’s so much fun to hear teens and tweens laughing while they blast each other with lasers in the dark.


Libraries have so many great places to hide. Behind stacks of books. Under tables. Slip a laser tag phaser between the books on the mystery shelves and zap your opponent!

  • Oscar Rennebohm Library, Edgewood College
  • Lakeview Library’s Saturday Night Library

Neighborhood Festivals Laser Tag

We ❤️ our local communities. It’s so fun to head out to the neighborhood festivals every summer and set up our portable laser tag. It’s even better when companies sponsor the laser tag games, because then kids—and grownups, too—get to play for free. 

  • Middleton Good Neighbor Festival 
  • WaunaBoom 
  • Brat Fest 
  • Family Eve @ Monona Terrace

Laser Tag in the Mall @ Outlets at the Dells

It was a Jedis vs Storm Troopers kind of day up at the Wisconsin Dells for the Outlets’ May the 4th Be With You event. But watch out, Storm Troopers are much better shots when they use our laser tag guns. 

For this event, we brought our portable units to the mall and made sure the Jedis and Storm Troopers had a ton of fun.

Gen Z College Students <3 Laser Tag — Rec Well at UW Madison

Talk about an epic event. Students were lined up for blocks to get onto the Near West field and play some nighttime laser tag. Sponsored by UW Madison Recreation & Wellbeing. Check out the video! 

Laser Tag at Near West

Tag, you're it. ⚡Shoutout to everyone who joined us at Near West earlier this month for some friendly competition provided by Ultrazone Laser Tag Madison. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Posted by Recreation & Wellbeing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Monday, September 23, 2019

Graduation Party Laser Tag in the Woods

It was a graduation party that all their friends will remember for a long time. A graduating senior’s family asked us to set up our portable system out in their wooded property. While we scoped it out, we discovered some poison ivy where people would be running around and hiding. No problem — our resourceful staff helped get rid of it so the guests could all play safely!

Hangin with the Heroes @ Keva Sports Center

Kids and their families got to be superheroes for a day at this event hosted by Madison Mom’s Blog. We brought our full portable laser tag system for some awesome family fun. We love getting to see our local heroes in action, too!

Family Eve @ Monona Terrace 

What better way to ring in the New Year with your family than by playing some friendly laser tag! We brought the complete set up to the Monona Terrace. We loved seeing the smiling faces on all those kiddos and their grownups.

Laser Tag Armageddon — Adult Swim @ the Children’s Museum

Adult Swim at the Madison Children’s Museum is already awesome. But add laser tag and it gets even better! Just like in the public pool tradition, the Children’s Museum kicks the kids out once a month to let the adults play! We got to create a laser tag course for grown up kids to play in the Wildernest exhibit. It was definitely the ultimate Armageddon practice run. 

Laser Tag for Schools 

Reward your students with something fun and unexpected! Depending on the school, the event and the budget, we either bring all our equipment or we use what they have in the gym already. And of course we flex our decorating muscles and fill the space with bright balloons.  

By: Monika Allen

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